First Time?

First time?


You are very welcome!

Everyone is welcome to any of our acts of worship. We have a variety of styles, so why not see what is right for you?

Not sure what you believe?

It takes courage to explore what life might really be about. Lots of people are searching for a spiritual meaning that seems missing today. You won’t be alone. We do not have to wait until we have all the answers before coming to church.

What is a Methodist Church?

The first people to be called Methodists were friends in Oxford. They were serious about their faith and met regularly for Bible study, prayer and Holy Communion. This ‘methodical’ approach gave rise to the name. We are just one of 5,000 Methodist churches in Britain.

What happens in a Service?

Services are led by a minister, a local preacher or a worship leader. We have different styles, but all our services include

Singing of hymns and songs both old and new

Readings from the Bible in easily understood translations

Heartfelt Prayers related to what’s going on in the world

Preaching which applies the gospel of Jesus to life today

Some services include Holy Communion which recalls Jesus’ last supper with his friends before he was crucified. The bread is shared and the wine is drunk, though the wine in a Methodist church is non-alcoholic.