Our Vision & Beliefs

Our Vision

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Our Beliefs

As part of the Methodist Church in the United Kingdom, we believe Jesus preached the Gospel – the good news of the Kingdom of God. Through Jesus’ death on the cross, and his resurrection, Christians believe that God has broken the power of all that is evil, in the world and in ourselves. If we accept forgiveness and liberation, and are willing to be open to the Holy Spirit, God can enable us to resist evil and to live life to the full.

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Vision Day

Our Vision Day takes place each year on a Saturday in March. Everyone who has a heart for God’s work at High Street is invited to gather to celebrate what God has been doing with us and to discern together what God wants to do with us this next year. It is probably the most important, exciting and not-to-be-missed meeting of the year!

Vision Day Documents

Vision Day 2016 – Summary Report

Vision Day 2015 – Report
Into Action

Vision Day 2014 – Report 1
Discerning Together Our Vision and Strategy

Vision Day 2014 – Report 2
Options for Sunday Morning Worship