Home Groups

Home Groups

High Street at Home

Saturday 17 June 2017
10:00 – 14:30

We believe that HOMEGROUPS are the heartbeat of our church, where discipleship happens and friendships are formed, places that people really feel at home! They are places to explore and grow your faith relationship with Jesus, safely amongst friends, and with fun. We invite you to make High Street your home, and help build our community to make others welcome and at home too.

In order to bring together, support and equip our congregations, we’re offering a short session for current leaders, facilitators and members of HOMEGROUPS. Anyone else interested in finding out more about what goes on in HOMEGROUPS, please come along, you will find it really inspiring!

Joining us are John and Moira Knight. John and Moira joined their first home group in the early 1970’s – a class meeting in those days whilst members of a Methodist Church in North London. Moving to St Barnabas Church in Finchley in 1986 they were soon part of a vibrant home group which then divided and they took on the leadership of one half.

As the church grew and groups multiplied there was a need to provide pastoral care for the group leaders and they took on this role some years later. Moira also led a women’s ministry group dealing particularly with identity issues. John took early retirement in 1994 and became involved in the initial development of the New Wine Leaders’ Network and, together with Moira, helped lead Clergy retreats around the country. They moved to their current home in Somerset in 2002. They have 3 children and six grandchildren.

We’ll be exploring various different aspects and there’ll be an opportunity to receive prayer from 14:30-15:30 on request.

Get more information by emailing homegroups@highstreet.church,

dropping your contact details into the church office or speaking to Anna Holding or Suzi Peachey.

Home Groups

We believe home groups are core to the health and growth of our church community. Home groups bring us together so that we can learn to know, and become more like, Jesus.

Our vision is that everyone in this fellowship who wants to, could belong to a well-led home group where learning comes through Bible study, worship, prayer, doing acts of service, eating together and doing life together.

For more information on any of our groups please email homegroups@highstreet.church