Home Groups

Home Groups

For developing your faith, there really is no better way than to join a group of friends for discussion and study.

Our many home groups share Christian fellowship in different ways. Whatever your interest, you are certain to find a warm welcome among a group of like-minded Christians.

Find the home group that’s right for you

1) Pray
and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you

2) Consider the type of group you’d like to be in:
– what time of day
– what day
– how frequently it meets etc.

3) Browse the lists of home groups below and choose a few to try out

4) Email us at homegroups@highstreet.church or contact the Church Office and we will give you contact details for the leaders of that group, or if you see them about at church please feel free to ask in person!

5) Give it a go! We really want you to find a group that’s the right fit for you, so feel free to try out a few groups, and don’t feel that if you go to one meeting that you’re tied to the group forever! We won’t be offended if you don’t think it’s the right place!

Monday Groups

Tuesday Groups

Wednesday Groups

Thursday Groups

Friday Groups

For more details on joining a group, email homegroups@highstreet.church