Ministry Team

Ministry Team

A ‘Who’s Who’ for our Ministry Team here at High Street.

Angie Allport


Deacon Angie Allport

Deacon Angie Allport has been with us since September 2014.  She is attached to High Street and Batford Methodist Churches.  In the Methodist Church there are two distinctive orders of ministry, presbyteral (like Mark) and diaconal, and being a deacon is not a transitional stage to becoming a presbyter.  Deacons also belong to a religious order (the Methodist Diaconal Order) and live by a Rule of Life.  The ministry of a deacon is that of service and pastoral care, and the primary task of a deacon is to focus that servant ministry outside the church.  Although you will sometimes see Angie at the front of the church on Sunday mornings, her role is mainly community focused.  Angie is also a chaplain to the Sainsbury’s store in the town.  Angie describes herself as passionate about peace and justice issues and doing her bit for the breaking in of God’s kingdom on earth.