Documents for Download

Documents for Download


High Street’s Charity Policy
May 2018

Charity Nomination Form
May 2018


Feedback Summary Report on Architect’s Feasibility Study
November 2017

Recommendations Document
agreed by Church Council on 7 November 2017



High Street’s 12 Month Plan (PDF file)
September 2017

Leadership at High Street (PDF file)
September 2017

Architect’s Feasibility Study (PDF file)
March 2017


Full Vision, Strategy and Mission Statement (PDF file)


Archived Documents


Vision Day 2016 Summary Report (PDF file)
‘You Said’ report including Architects brief

Vision Day 2015 Report Into Action (PDF file)

Vision Day 2014 Report 1 – Discerning Together Our Vision and Strategy (PDF file)

Vision Day 2014 Report 2 – Options for Sunday Morning Worship (PDF file)